Friday, January 23, 2015


Tote from Stumper Fielding.

Antique felt picture, wool scarf & alpaca mittens. I like my woollens! 

Pebbles collected from the beach at Brighton Pier.

Silver basket charm from a Victorian bracelet.

It's a little dinged up, which is, of course, why I couldn't leave it behind.

Homemade soap, Victorian jet mourning pin, vintage rhinestone pin.

Liberty cotton handkerchief.

A Berlin-based potter made this gorgeous cup.

Frozen Charlotte bisque dolls, excavated from the Limbach doll factory dumping grounds. Jon found and bought these for me as a surprise, knowing how much I've always wanted one. Now I have five!

Silver locket engraved with a swallow.

Back in snowy Ottawa, enjoying my new (mostly old) stuff. Photos of me by Jon Paul Fiorentino.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

My cup of tea

Three days in England is not enough, but I did see and do more than I thought I could. Plenty of shops and markets, a castle, a visit to the seaside. No pictures of the latter, but while walking the beach I made sure to drop a few pebbles in my pocket, as though to prove that it was not a dream.